You are an Educationist

Educationist - For A Good StartYou are one of the pioneers in the software industry in Kerala. Your services are much sought by many educational institutions as well. One among them is a prestigious autonomous science college with an accreditation of A grade from NAAC, India. You have special interests in the Computer Science department as you built it from scratch.

One of the major focus is on the right placement of final year students.At the same time, IT services job market is very competitive. College and MCA department need to ensure that students have thorough basics, good communication skills and up to date knowledge about latest developments in Information Technology.

For A Good Start can do Assessments for Computer Science students to identify their gaps. In addition to that, we give guidance to fix  gaps.

You are a Lawyer

Lawyer - For A Good StartYou own and run a Law Firm. You always have around 1000 open cases to handle at any point of time. Although, you have around 10 junior advocates in the team, only you know all the details of cases and lawsuits.

By and large, you need a customized solution to get the complete status of the cases handled by your firm, anytime, anywhere and in any device.

For A Good Start can take you through different solutions. However, you need to pick up the best suitable solution.

You are a Social Worker

Software Consulting - NGOs | Small and Medium Business - For A Good Start, Kottayam

You run an NGO in Patna for Slum Dwellers.

Whole world needs to know the plight and struggle of these unfortunate people day in and day out. Furthermore, your NGO has to team up with other NGOs working on similar issues.

NGOs can avail Software | Consulting  Services from For A Good Start at discounted rates.

You are a Small Business Owner

Software Consulting Services for Small Business - For A Good Start, KottayamYou run a small business, Want to expand business further.

Say, you are an upcoming painter . You want to sell paintings. Loyal Customers  are increasing at a steady rate. But, you are not able to serve them all since your shop is at one corner of the city and customers are from all over.  At times, you get orders from different parts of the country and even abroad. At the same time, Opening more stores may not necessarily help.

Be a restaurateur, baker, cloth merchant, antique dealer or farmer, For A Good Start's Services can help.

Say yes to our Software Consulting Service

You are a Scientist

Software Consulting Services for Scientists - For A Good Start, KottayamYou are working for a government organisation. You need to set up a Data Bank ; a Knowledge Repository  and a Knowledge Portal. As a matter of fact, For A Good Start can extend services for your organisation.

We have  a passion to perform and a will to contribute in the field of science. As a matter of fact, we have a past groomed in science and technology; a present as educators and a future with " many we nurture " who may find places in the wide world of Science and Technology.

You own a Boutique

Software Consulting - NGOs | Small and Medium Business - For A Good Start, KottayamYou manage customers, staff and finance with help from others. This model works well for you.

But, if you are to expand the  business further...

There is a need to open new outlets. Customers, staff and transactions will increase. You cannot move from one shop to another. Need to access the stock, customer and sales data of all shops. Key personnel handling customers, finance and staff  may not  be present every day.

You need to hire a software | consulting firm. Of course, it can be For A Good Start.

I am a Student

Student - For A Good Start I do not know Maths. I am not good at Physics and Chemistry. Nevertheless, I want to score good marks in my class. After my plus 2, I want to do well in entrance exams. Also, I want to learn a foreign language to study / work  in Germany, Japan or France.

I want to write Bank selection exam. I will appear for PSC exam. At the same time, I want to learn basics of computers.

If you have Basic English knowledge and an OK IQ, Check For A Good Start's Education Services.

You are a Teacher

Teacher - For A Good StartYou are a qualified Physics Teacher.

You were teaching in middle school. Now, you got an opportunity to teach in 11th Standard. But, you feel that your classes were better before. Is something wrong?

One of your students who was brilliant till 10th level is not doing well in 11th. At the same time, she says " I hate Maths". Why is it so?

For A Good Start's GAK - ||| framework from our Education Services is good for you as well as for your student.

You are a Builder

Software Consulting - NGOs | Small and Medium Business - For A Good Start, KottayamYou have many projects to handle simultaneously. Time is short and you need help in getting projects handled efficiently and quickly.

You need  to automate repeated manual activities and use the time saved, for growing your client network.

For A Good Start can bundle its software consulting and software development services to serve customers.