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  1. Great initiative. Very happy to see that you both are using your skills/experience to make +ve contribution to the society. Shalini/Salil….wishing you both the very best!!

  2. I recommend ForAGoodStart !

    My nephew Roshan, class 10, needed help in certain topics in Mathematics and he had not been going for tuitions this year. His summative exams were nearing and I asked Shalini if she could teach him. Roshan attended sessions by Shalini and Salil. In addition to the topics that he had requested to explain, they checked his fundamentals by making him solve problems from previous school years. At the end of it, they provided a detailed report indicating topics that he needs to focus and pointed out his strengths and weaknesses.

    In Roshan’s words “As soon as I commenced Salil uncle’s ingenious process of doing the first five questions of past school year’s math topics , I found out that doing these were actually beneficial for me, identifying topics I required extra comprehension in. As we started from deciphering the mysteries of triangles and ended in simplifying strange trigonometric ratios, Shalini aunty carefully explained all the theorems and postulates to be followed, prompting me to think for myself about what we were doing. I believe that my performance was greatly bettered for the summative examination and I am thankful to ForAGoodStart for being a source of confidence and inspiration in the area of mathematics. ”

    And Roshan, who was reluctant at first, looks forward to these sessions ! Thank you Shalini and Salil. Both of you are indeed passionate about education and I wish you the best for this endeavor. Now, I have more reason to be happy that you are at Kottayam 🙂

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